Change in Patterns

You should accompany the HCG diet with exercise. The added HCG hormone actually increases your testosterone level slightly helping to also increase your metabolism. This increase of metabolism coupled with exercise will compound the success of the HCG diet and you will see results quickly. Also, when you begin to eat more normally again, you will maintain your increased metabolism as long as you continue to increase your activity level. This increase in activity and metabolism will actually help your body produce more energy and you will feel less tired and more able to focus.

Typical Diet Cycle

The HCG diet begins with two days of you eating whatever you like. This helps you prepare for the oncoming low calorie section of your diet. For the next 21 to 42 days you will eat a fruits, 500-calorie a day diet of vegetables, two meals of 3.5 ounces of protein. The two protein segments are accompanied by taking the HCG drops. This adds the hormone to your body and helps you breakdown the abnormal fat during the low-calorie portion of the diet.

Feel full

Because your body is able to utilize otherwise useless fat reserves, you don’t actually feel starved as you normally would on a low calorie diet on the HCG diet. Instead, you body always has energy from the various reserves and you can feel full. The bigger issue is getting passed the desire to eat. Much of your eating habits are taken as social cues and you have to be able to have a glass of water or juice while other people eat. At first this will be hard to do but the longer you stick with the diet the better you will get at it.